AFT is a fashion project that seeks to combine African and European elements in clothing. Firstly, with this project we would like to offer the possibility for African Europeans to keep their traditional ways of dressing but to let them look modern in the European way. Secondly, we would like to get Europeans enthusiastic about traditional African patterns.

The man behind AFT is Walter Aiguokhian, the owner of FB Barbershop Hair salon in Breitenrain in Berne. The idea to combine African patterns with European material first came to his mind in 2005. It took him until 2011 to find the necessary resources to concretize these ideas.



  • 13th August 2011: We had our first fashion show at SAF (Swiss African Forum) in Berne Switzerland. A yearly african market event (photos and videos coming soon).
  • 20th August 2011: The Launch of AFT in Novotel Berne Switzerland. Our designs were displayed with a lot of spectators. Special guest: Spice Vision from Edo State Nigeria with Swiss Local Artist Tommy Vercetti. Other attractions: FB Barbershop African children dance group, Children from dance palace Aarau (photos and videos coming soon).
  • 1st October 2011: fashion show at Kenya charity gala and dinner party in Z√ºrich Switzerland (photos coming).
  • 1st December 2011: We were invited for a presentation plus fashion show in Miss Dala, Kisumu Kenya. Tribute event for HIV victims in Kenya (photos and videos coming soon).
  • Promoting African Children dance group in Switzerland (photos coming).
  • We will keep updating you about our development and the project.




  • Walter Aiguokhian / Project manager of AFT
  • Nadège Malan / Project coordinator of AFT
  • Valène Malan / Secretary and administration
  • Abiès Osarenkhoe/ Designer
  • Kuruma Fodey / Designer